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The Great Depression

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The Great Depression was ushered in by the stock market crash of October 29, 1929. It ended as dramatically a decade later on September 3, 1939, when the Second World War began. The widespread poverty and suffering during the 1930s—the result of unemployment, drought and lack of a social safety net—transformed social welfare in Canada.

Until the 1930s, mainly private charities dealt with unemployment and poverty. However, charity work was usually organized to meet temporary or seasonal crises, such as poor harvests or fires. This approach could not cope with an economic crisis the length and intensity of the Great Depression.

Although the federal and provincial governments were completely unprepared, they intervened and made care of the poor, sick, unemployed and disadvantaged a high priority.

During the 1930s, the unemployed received uneven treatment across Canada. Married men or men with families were favoured over single men and women when relief or relief work was distributed. Many cities established residence requirements to keep out job seekers from other provinces or towns.

To help spur an economic recovery, the federal government increased its spending on relief, subsidies and work camps, among other things. This resulted in a ballooning national debt.

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